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Shirleen Von Hoffmann better known as “The Queen of Sales” is a Broker, Sales Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and all around expert in Sales and Customer Service Excellence.
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The Queen of Sales

Shirleen Von Hoffmann better known as “The Queen of Sales” is a Broker, Sales Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and all around expert in Sales and Customer Service Excellence.

In my 32 year career as a billion dollar Top Producer in Sales, the one constant thing I noticed missing, no matter who I worked for, was the lack of support, training and understanding of Sales People and what they encounter day in and day out. If I wanted great training, it didn’t come from my Managers or Companies, I had to seek it on my own and pay for it myself. It constantly bothered me that Sales People didn’t get the training and support they needed, when sales is the “life source” in any company. After many years as a Sales Person, Manager and National Manager, I knew that my later-life career needed to be dedicated to supporting Sales People, Sales Managers and the Corporations who hire them.

My passion is sales and customer service excellence. My business, “Home Builder’s Edge”, focuses on exceptional Sales Coaching and Training for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals. I love to share my wealth of knowledge and simplistic sales wisdom with those who wish to achieve higher thresholds of sales and prosperity. For those I speak of, you know who you are, this blog is dedicated to YOU and your success!

Top Producer Secrets Book
Top Producer Secrets Book

Don’t you wish all of your Agents were Top Producers? In this market they have to be!
Utilizing the training in this book, you can start the process of converting those low key Agents into Top Producing Sales Agents right in your sales meetings.

These weekly lessons go over all of the extra steps that Top Producer’s take and implements them weekly into your meetings. The Agents will have takeaways to practice and will come back the following week to discuss what they have learned.

After these lessons your Agents will be equipped with tools only Top Producer Agents have, which should result in more sales being made for you. This training is a must if you want more sales in this market!

What people are saying about “Top Producer Secrets”:

“This book will change the way you sell. Shirleen’s common sense approach will guarantee your sales success. The material in this book captures the essence of how to get to the top. It’s a must read for sales professionals.”

Jerry Rouleau
Selling More Homes Media & J. Rouleau & Assoc.

“Shirleen, Congratulations on creating a valuable educational treatise and resource for anyone wanting to learn how to become a more effective and successful new home salesperson in today’s challenging market.”

S. Robert August

“This book is full of great ideas and is “back to basics” of sales. It reminds our Sales People of what they need to be doing in this market. I know it works because Shirleen trains my team and they are the best! We get fantastic results from her training and simple sales wisdom.”

Jill Hardy
Vice President Regis Homes Northern California

“I have read a number of books on the subject of new home sales and most of them seemed to be based on theory. I loved how this book was different, more practical and hands on with takeaways for the Agents. You want an edge on the competition, look no further.”

Dave McKown
Director of Sales and Marketing – William Lyon Homes

“Ms. Von Hoffmann’s book, “Top Producers Secrets” offers terrific insight and road maps to success for all sales agents in the new era of the New Normal. This book is a must read not only for all new home sales agents and their management teams but any builder looking to survive and get the “Edge” during the next decade.”

Bill Heartman
President – Regis Homes Northern California

“I have been a Sales Agent for 20 years and I love this book. I think this book should be in the hands of every Sales Agent in the country. This book is loaded with great ideas and knowledge with takeaways done in small steps. It is easy and something everyone can learn from! Great Job!”

Renicia Fewell
New Home Sales Person & Broker

“Shirleen Von Hoffman’s “Top Producer Secrets”, tells it like it is when she describes her Blueprint for Success; it doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you’re a builder, sales manager or sales agent, Shirleen provides not only a theoretical blueprint for success but the step-by-step process to make it happen! I really enjoyed reading this book!”

Zoe Miller, Owner
Computer Presentation Systems

The Journey Home Book
The Journey Home Book

“The author’s courage in the face of adversity, and her willingness to share her story, is a triumph for anyone dealing with a terminal illness. This book chronicles the remarkable journey of a loving daughter as she cares for her mother, who fought and ultimately lost a battle with cancer. It highlights the heart-wrenching struggle that family members face when such a tragedy strikes.”

Pedram Argani, MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Attending Pathologist
Associate Director of Immunopathology
Baltimore, MD

“You will not want to put this book down once you start. The true story will grab you and not let you go. Being a caretaker for my late husband with Alzheimer’s and a survivor of breast cancer I found this wonderful book full of love, warmth, truth, insight, inspiration and ideas for all those who are giving care to loved ones. I wish I had use of this book for reference when I needed it caring for my husband.”

Abbie Johnson – Folsom CA

“They say that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. For those who knew Charlene Von Hoffmann, her “Season” was too short. Through her daughter, the intimate experience of sharing her Journey Home will influence all who read it for a lifetime. The author has reached into her inner most being in order to share experiences to benefit all who may find themselves so unexpectedly supporting a loved one with a terminal diagnosis. The book will encourage each of us to be the best we can be for those whom we support. For those of you who may think this is another “how to” book, I believe once read you will find it is a book about Love.”

Dee Lew – Roseville, CA

“This is a survival guide-from the heart…teaching you how to advocate for a terminally-ill loved one, how to contend with the medical establishment and how to traverse family crisis, all while enduring profound personal pain and loss. I know I would want Shirleen and her hard fought experience in my corner.”

Ginny Hopkins – Chicago, IL

“Death is such a heavy subject. To create a book so people can read it, perhaps through many emotions and tears, to the very end, is a task that Shirleen has lived up to. When someone has come face to face with the death of a loved one, tears come so easily. While reading this book, I was given the gift of many tears, like beautiful little love messengers, releasing the healing power within me. This book is written from the heart, what other credentials do you need?”

Linda Chambers – Concord, CA

“I am an avid reader and this book presented death in a way I’ve never experienced before. Aside from all of the helpful information, the chapters are filled with love, warmth and compassion. Since death touches all of us at one time or another, I would recommend it to anyone.”

Becky O’Rourke – Denver CO

“Using a straightforward approach, Ms. Von Hoffmann sets out to show the many aspects of helping a loved one fight for their life. Her intimate account of her mother’s illness, and the resources included in the book make it a great source of reference for cancer patients, caretakers and family members.”

Janet Goff – Lodi, CA